zaterdag, februari 26, 2005

HMS Endurance, een verhaal van de zee......

Weer een verhaal van de zee .......

25.02.05 11:34

Ice patrol ship
HMS Endurance helped ensure a yacht in distress safely rode out an Antarctic storm.
The Red Plum responded to a distress call from the 32ft Canadian yacht Darwin’s Passage, which was on a lee shore in gale-force winds in Discovery Bay East, Greenwich Island.
Her propeller shaft was fouled and she was dragging her anchor, so Endurance, some 25 miles away when the call went out, closed in at top speed to act as on-scene commander.
A heavy snowstorm had brought white-out conditions, but with assistance from other vessels in the area – tourist ship mv Explorer and Chilean icebreaker
Contre-Almirante Oscar viel Toro, the latter providing two helicopters – the British ship was able to co-ordinate a plan of action.
The yacht was safe, though close to foundering, when (!) Endurance arrived, and sea boats from the Explorer were able to free the yacht’s dinghy, which had become trapped under its stern.
A diving team from Endurance helped rig a second anchor, and the combined efforts of the three ships ensured the yacht rode out the storm safely.
Endurance’s Commanding Officer, Capt Tom Karsten, has since contacted the yacht by satellite, and said it is heading north to Cape Horn, taking advantage of a break in the weather.
Capt Karsten said: “I am very proud of the effort made by my team on board, and in the boat, to render assistance to a fellow mariner in distress.
“The professionalism of all involved, including the mv Explorer and the Chilean icebreaker, was largely instrumental in the happy outcome of this challenging episode.”

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