woensdag, februari 23, 2005



MORE than 50 Royal Navy warships will serve as the core of the fleet reviewed by the Queen this summer as Trafalgar commemorations begin in earnest.Two aircraft carriers – HMS Invincible and Illustrious – and assault ships Ocean, Bulwark and Albion will lead the flotilla of RN vessels assembled for the International Fleet Review on June 28.The review is the curtain-raiser to six days of events in the Solent, including a sound-and-light show, drumhead ceremony for veterans and the International Festival of the Sea.
Effectively half the Senior Service Fleet is being assembled at Spithead, joined by another 80 vessels from the world’s navies, and the cream of the merchant fleet, led by the QE2British warships due to partake at present include: aircraft carriers – Illustrious, Invincible; helicopter carriers – Ocean; amphibious assault ships – Albion, Bulwark; Type 42 destroyers – Exeter, Gloucester, Manchester, Nottingham, Southampton; Type 22 frigates – Campbeltown, Chatham; Type 23 frigates – Grafton, Iron Duke, Lancaster, Marlborough, Montrose, St Albans, Westminster; mine counter-measures vessels – Bangor, Cattistock, Grimsby, Ledbury, Middleton, Pembroke, Ramsey, Shoreham, Walney; fishery patrol vessels – Tyne; survey ships – Endurance (which will serve as the Queen’s platform for the review)*, Enterprise, Gleaner, Roebuck, Scott; University Royal Navy Unit boats – Archer, Blazer, Example, Explorer, Puncher, Raider, Ranger, Tracker, Trumpeter; Royal Fleet Auxiliaries -– Argus, Fort Austin, Fort George, Fort Victoria, Orangeleaf, Sir Bedivere, Sir Galahad, Sir Tristram, Wave Ruler; strategic sea-lift ships – mv Hurst Point; nuclear submarines – unspecified number.---------------------------

* Endurance moet daarvoor terugkomen uit de Zuidelijke Atlantische Oceaan .

De Royal Navy bestaat al sinds ER I, tradities hebben vijfhonderd jaar de tijd gehad om te groeien .
Hier wordt niet de bemanning, maar het schip zelf geëerd ; Endurance mag ER II ontvangen bij de vlootschouw .


HMS Endurance was het eerste schip dat deelnam in de Slag om de Falklands :